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Luxtag is Releasing a Coin! and No, It’s Not an ICO Coin

On January 6th, LuxTag® announced the release of a physical coin. The announcement was published on NEM Forum where LuxTag invited the community to create a unique design for the new coin that will be reproduced in silver and copper. The submission will end on February 7th, when LuxTag’s jury will determine which two original designs will appear on the coins. The Two best designs’ authors will win one of LuxTag’s newly created silver and copper coins.

The idea of the campaign came after a long discussion about how LuxTag needs a physical coin to represent the company. Limited edition coins will be produced in both silver and copper. Submissions should only include a front design, while LuxTag will handle the backside design, it will contain a QR code and private key burnt into it.

LuxTag coin

Everyone registered on NEM Forum has a chance to try their creative skills and make a stunning coin design that will represent LuxTag. In case you are considering participating, check more details about our coin campaign on NEM Forum. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate and contact our team members Maria Franco @maryfranco and Ahnaf Kamal @ahnafkamal on Telegram. You can also address your questions directly on LuxTag Official Telegram channel.

The link to the contest —

Go wild with creativity and be the first one to own an exclusive LuxTag coin!

®“LuxTag”, Trademark registered.

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