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LuxTag summarizes 2019

The last hours of 2019 are ticking. We become more nostalgic and ask ourselves a familiar question: was this year any different? Is the resolution list written at the end of 2018 marked completely?

At LuxTag, we definitely had a busy year full of discoveries, changes, and constant development. The company has chosen and implemented new strategies, written 64 articles, attended dozens of events, launched new products, and even announced a crowdfunding campaign. We overcame difficult challenges, that only made us stronger. We had a great time celebrating long-awaited achievements like one united family. This year’s challenges brought us together not only as co-workers but as a family. Was 2019 good for LuxTag? Oh, yes!

It seems like we moved far from the point where we started in 2019. Although this is not the end of LuxTag’s success pathway, only it’s very beginning.

To reflect on what happened in 2019 and to go through the ups and downs we had; we would like to share with you the main key achievements of Luxtag in 2019.

LuxTag has been granted with Innovation Patent from the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Member Country Australia.

Official Announcement from LuxTag’s CEO Rene Bernard to the NEM Community.

We released our own LuxTag physical coin.

Luxtag is Releasing a Coin! and No, It’s Not an ICO Coin

End of February 2019, LuxTag announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with DagangNet, a subsidiary of Dagang NeXchange Berhad (“DNeX”), leading provider of award-winning eServices for Trade Facilitation, to provide eServices based on the blockchain technology.

LuxTag Partners with Dagang Net to Offer Blockchain-Based eServices

We finally presented eScroll, anti-counterfeit, and proof of ownership blockchain-built solution to validate educational and professional certificates and credentials using a blockchain-powered web application.

LuxTag’s New Solution e-Scroll to Revolutionize Educational Certificates

We were pleased to announce that we are partnering with Edupride, the Thai company providing education and counseling services to Thai students who want to study in Malaysia and Singapore.

LuxTag Further Expands Its Operations Abroad

LuxTag® and the Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Department of the Malaysian Bar Council have worked hand-in-hand to implement LuxTag’s latest service – Scribe, a blockchain-based application system that was created to meet organizational needs to speed up and secure data collection, entry, and consolidation, particularly at training and other events.

LuxTag collaborates with the Malaysian Bar to power up Scribe, a Skills Development Tracing Application based on Blockchain

LuxTag team participated in AppWorks Accelerator in Taipei, Taiwan. AppWorks is an accelerator that helps tech startups with a focus in recent years on Blockchain and AI startups. It also provides insights on how to run a startup, find investors/partners, and pitch your products efficiently.

LuxTag Takes Part In AppWorks Accelerator in Taiwan

Pablo Guerra, LuxTag’s Business Development Director for Europe, had the honor of attending the Anti-Counterfeiting Blockathon Forum in Brussels, Belgium. This invite-only event was sponsored by the EUIPO – the European Union Intellectual Property Office, backed by the European Commission and linked to the European Blockchain Partnership Initiative. It aimed at exploring the solutions based on blockchain technology to solve the current most significant problem in international trade: counterfeiting.

European Union Anti-Counterfeiting Blockathon Forum in Belgium

We have released a self-onboarding asset-tagging platform called Papyrus, which let users to independently create digital certificates and tag their assets or items with QR codes or NFC stickers linked to the blockchain.

LuxTag new product “Papyrus” to tokenize physical products on the Blockchain

In October 2019, LuxTag has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AIIM Global Limited, (a sister concern of Abdul Monem Limited) to bring forward blockchain technology use-cases into Bangladesh.

AIIM Global partners with LuxTag to introduce Blockchain Technology in Bangladesh

Beginning of the year, Jason Vandal, in collaboration with DJ Lethal Skillz, created a unique track about LuxTag. The lyrics of the Hip-Hop song perfectly explain the Lux Tag’s central idea of fighting with counterfeiting on a beat.

LuxTag Rap Song is on Spotify Now

The Malaysian newspaper “New Straits Times” published an article entitled “Impact of the Blockchain Technology” featuring Rene Bernard, CEO and Co-Founder of LuxTag.

LuxTag Is Featured in The Article On The Blockchain Technology

LuxTag has been claimed as the first patented blockchain project in Malaysia at the 3rd talk hosted by the FEP department of UKM University.

LuxTag Being Claimed as the First Patented Blockchain Project in Malaysia

LuxTag’s equity-crowdfunding campaign is now open for Bitcoin and XEM from worldwide contributors. LuxTag is currently raising a pre-series A funding through pitchIN, the leading Malaysian equity crowdfunding platform that is fully licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. The funding round with a minimum target amount of MYR 800 thousand to a maximum of MYR 2 million is now pre-live to investors since early September. Within weeks, we have already secured 93% of the minimum target.

Malaysian LuxTag’s Equity-Crowdfunding Campaign Now Open for Bitcoin and XEM From Worldwide Contributors

2020 is getting closer, and LuxTag is ready to take on all the new challenges 2020 will throw at us. We will make new memories and take all the opportunities we can get.

LuxTag wishes you a happy new year full of success, joy, and prosperity.


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