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LuxTag Welcomes 2019

Last year passed so fast, it seems not that long ago we were celebrating 2018 and making New Year’s resolutions. Time rapidly flies, and we are already greeting 2019 and thinking about new and unattained horizons. 2018 was another successful year for LuxTag®, during this time we have achieved targeted business goals and projects, partnerships with local and international clients, and not to mention, we have grown to an even bigger team.

To look back and reflect on the successful year we asked LuxTag co-founders Jeff McDonald, Faeez M Noor, and Rene Bernard to tell us more about what were the main challenges, achievements, and lessons that the company and team came across during the last year.

When asked about the main challenges that had been facing the company for the past year, executives agreed that a demanding market and skeptical consumers who were impacted by the skepticism going around cryptocurrencies were the hardest to manage. Moreover, Rene highlighted that for LuxTag as a pre-revenue business it was convoluted to balance healthy growth while saving money.

However, no obstacles could break our significant accomplishments, and all co-founders agreed that LuxTag had attained most of its goals and now is vigorously seeking to achieve new targets. Our team had worked hard to complete several large deals this year, such as Chronoswiss & Tech Bureau Crypto-Watches and IIUM MOE e-Scroll System to fight the counterfeit university diplomas’ market.

One of the co-founders Jeff McDonald describes LuxTag achievements — “In 2018, it was an excellent year for the team to come together and learn how to deliver on small projects from start to finish including ninja dolls, art, luxury watches, diplomas, and sports apparel. And now that LuxTag has launched applications in five different verticals, we are starting to feel more comfortable in what we can and can’t do as a team.“

Along with significant performance, LuxTag and the team had learned many valuable lessons. Besides gaining a better perspective of our niche and the industries LuxTag serves, we determined new ways of hiring employees and keeping talents within the company. LuxTag CEO Rene Bernard described the process, “Give first, take later. We did the best to not hire through headhunter firms or job posts, but sharing sessions, Blockchain 101s and guest lecturing at universities. The non-profit activities around education help to build a talent pool.”

The new year is bringing even more new challenges and opportunities to enhance our business and improve the technology. We can’t rest on our laurels, we have to pursue further victories. There are grand plans for 2019, such as raising a pre-series A round of funding and deploying the products on a larger scale. We target to have several times larger user base using LuxTag to authenticate their products and targeting to build a new IP through a partnership with our current and future partners to develop a better unique identity tagging solution. Furthermore, the team strives to develop a new business plan which will allow our company to expand our service and enable us to achieve massive scalability.

LuxTag CEO and Co-Founder Rene Bernard wished everyone prosperous 2019 — “I wish everybody ease to embrace peace, integrity, loyalty, and honesty. Then — success, health, and love will be granted to us, God willing.”

LuxTag CFO and Co-Founder Faeez M Noor wished the company all the best — “Hope to build more innovative technologies that can better support our customers and benefit humanity in general.”

We are excited about the new challenges, lessons, and accomplishments that 2019 is bringing along. We are ready to work as hard as ever before and deliver the best service as possible. With that, we wish you a productive new year and a great success for 2019!

®“LuxTag”, Trademark registered.

™ “e-Scroll”, Trademark of LuxTag.

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