Tag your products on the blockchain with Papyrus

Blockchain is now usable in the physical world with Papyrus. With Papyrus, you can tokenize items to create a trail of ownership & history of your products. Whether you’re an artists, a craftsman or a collectible hobbyist, any assets or products can now be represented as real live assets on the blockchain.

How to tag your
products on the blockchain


Create a Papyrus account, verify your email
& start using Papyrus.
Verified accounts will
be funded with XEMs by LuxTag!


Generate a blockchain certificate of your
physical product or asset & add images or
details to your product


You can claim these blockchain certificate
through the platform by scanning with
the LuxTag mobile app


Add a QR or NFC link generated from our
platform on your assets
or products.
You can order these NFC stickers from us!



Generate a blockchain certificate
of your physical product or asset
with images & details of the product


Generate a QR code or NFC
link to connect your physical
product with the asset


Track tagged products that
has been claimed by customers
on the map


View all activities & interactions
of users with the product such
as claim, update, transfer and verify

Get started
Papyrus Basic

Want to have a fully customized blockchain solution for your business? Contact us for Papyrus Enterprise

per month
Generate public blockchain certificate
Generate product verification link
Generate product claiming QR code
Add product details & images
View individual product activities
(claim, transfer)
Track product location & trace product history
See overall product analytics & consumer behaviour
User interaction (verify, claim, transfer) through LuxTag mobile application
Custom Price
Customized dashboard with company branding
Tailored application usability, analytics and features
Tailored user mobile app
Generate private blockchain certificate
Full control on private keys and access rights

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